Absolutely Free: EaseUS Data Recovery Software is Now Available for Free! Learn How to Use

The loss of data is a nightmare almost everyone has been plagued at some point. Files are unintentionally removed, hard drives are corrupted or destroyed, and random device crashes are not uncommon, but thanks to Free Software, you can restore missing data without having to get your hard drive to the specialist to retrieve data.

This is where the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes into play, a data recovery software that enables quick and easy data recovery from Windows desktops, laptops, and other Windows-compatible devices. The software has been around since 2003 but is being offered for free for the first time ever.

The Data Recovery Wizard first asks you to pick a location to start recovering data from. This can be any partition within the hard drive, the entire desktop, a specific folder, or even the recycle bin.

EaseUS Data Recovery locations

Hitting “Scan” at the bottom right kicks off the recovery process. This will scan the selected location for deleted files and will present them in a list organized with file names, size, location, and dates for each one. This list can be filtered by file type including graphics, documents, video, audio, and other files.

Here you can choose to recover all files or recover specific ones by clicking the checkbox next to them. Once that’s done, click “Recover” and choose where you want your files to be saved. The progress bar for recovery will also show the total size of files selected and the time it will take to recover them.

EaseUS Data Recovery recovery complete

Keep in mind that all files may not be recovered as some may never be found or might be corrupted beyond recovery. However, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard still does a better job than most other recovery software and also keeps it simple and straightforward.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is usually offered for $45 to $70 but is currently available for free on the company’s website.

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