PM Imran Khan Using Intelligence Agencies Against Hoarders, Smugglers

Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday directed the government to seek help from intelligence agencies in identifying smugglers and hoarders as the government approved an ordinance against hoarding basic food items and goods.

The prime minister presided over a meeting focused on curbing smuggling and hoarding of basic food items. As per the ordinance, those found guilty of hoarding will be slapped with a three-year imprisonment and a heavy fine.

The prime minister reiterated the government’s resolve to take strict action against those involved in smuggling, hoarding and illegal profiteering, being so destructive to the national economy.

Imran Khan emphasised that the elements involved in such crime should be identified immediately and punished according to relevant laws aimed at discouraging such acts. He regretted that poor people bear the burden of artificial shortage of goods and illegal rise in prices due to smuggling and hoarding.

Imran Khan emphasised the need for a comprehensive and effective strategy for timely procurement of wheat target and said all possible steps should be ensured for the provision of wheat and flour to the people.

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