Covid-19 and Unemployment: Over 1,000 Pakistanis to Fly Back Home From Dubai Today

More than a thousand Pakish beachmen will travel back from Dubai on Monday as a new process of repatriation is starting (April 20) for repatriation Pakistanis from Dubai.

Four Pakistani evacuations were planned, which carry passengers from Dubai Airport to Karachi and Lahore, according to the Pakistan consulate Dubai. The screening will take place before departure and the passengers repatriated would remain in Pakistan for at least 48 hours in quarantine, in compliance with an evacuation procedure called for.

The Pakistan Consulate Dubai stated that two PIA flights to Lahore will take about 500 Pakistanis from Dubai airport terminal 2 and two other flights will depart to Karachi with more than 500 passengers. The “flight desk” has been set up in the premises of the consulate by the Pakistan national carrier to sell tickets to those stranded Pakistan seeking to return back home.

On April 19, flights’ tickets were sold to more than 1,000 passengers in the consulate and many stranded Pakistanis felt relieved after buying the tickets to go back home. While, some travellers have complained about the increased price of one way ticket. It is reported that the one way fare of Karachi flight is around Dh1,500 (Rs66,000) while Lahore’s one way ticket is around Dh1,700 (Rs75,000).

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