Pakistan Very Close to Manufacture N95 Masks: Chaudhry Fawad Husain

Chaudhry Fawad Husain of the Federal Minister of Science and Technology said Pakistan is very close to the manufacture of its own N95 masks, which have become relevant as the coronavirus pandemic has spread.

“Final trials of testing kits and ventilators are being conducted, until a few weeks ago we were importing all these items, for this frustrated group who always tells us that we can’t do anything this is enough to open their eyes,” said Chaudhry in a tweet post.

The minister added that we should be proud of our country’s institutions and professionals over their achievements in the coronavirus crisis.

“We are in a position to export sanitizer today, we are making our own mask we are very close in manufacturing our own N95 masks as well. We have made our own protective suits and glovers for doctors,” he added.

The development comes after the National Command and Control Centre (NCOC) approved the export of sanitizers and textile masks, informed Advisor to Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood on Thursday.

The advisor added that the necessary documentation and details will be issued in the next few days so manufacturers and exporters need to prepare themselves.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan jumped to 8418 on Monday with the country confirming 176 deaths.

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