Traders Threaten govt to Break the Lockdown in Three Days

The Government’s 3-day deadline for ending the countrywide coronavirus lockdown is issued by Markazi Tanzeeme Tajiran Pakistan (MTTP).

MTTP president Kashif Chaudhry claimed that if the government did not stop the lockout three days later, the trade association would be forced to take a decision.

“We will not allow the traders to become a victim of the federal and provincial governments’ politics,” he said.

Chaudhry stated the traders’ association would not permit the government to commit the economic murder of a few businesses in the name of lockdown.

He lamented the federal and provincial governments had not announced any relief for the traders including relaxation in electric and gas bills, rent and provision of interest-free loans.

He urged the government to pay heed to the traders’ problems and lift the lockdown.

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