Covid-19 Tests Don’t Invalidate Your Fast in Ramadan: Fatwa

Ramadan is at the edge, but Muslims around the world are unsure about whether the novel coronavirus will be checked during this holy month.

A specific guidance has been provided in this regard by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Council has clarified that Muslims should not avoid being checked during the fasting month for COVID-19 because it does not affect their fast.

The council further highlighted that the health workers should use a nasal swab to collect a sample for the test.

The Fatwa Council has also issued a helpline (8002422 or +97122052555 from outside the UAE) for any queries pertaining to Ramadan.

The council has further issued a series of guidelines on Ramadan fasting during a pandemic.

The council has declared that COVID-19 patients, symptomatic or asymptomatic, doctors and medical staff fighting on the frontline against the virus may choose not to fast during the holy month.

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