Businesses to Open Four Days a Week in Sindh: CM Shah

Sindh CEO Murad Ali Shah declared that businesses in the province would open from 9 am to 3 pm, four days a week.

The decision was taken in depth during a meeting of Murad Ali Shah’s cabinet in Sindh.

All stores, including food and other items, are agreed to operate from 8 am to 5 p.m. Monday to Thursday. The government of Sindh will also provide SOPs for businesses that are immediately enforced. The Government has agreed to close the relevant markets or shops in the event of any violation of the SOPs.

In addition, cooked food could be ordered and delivered from 5pm to 10 pm during Ramazan while delivery of food items will not be allowed in Sehri.

Moreover, the lockdown in the province will continue after 5pm.

Earlier, after consulting traders, the Sindh government finalised the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for businesses to continue operations during the lockdown.

As per the newly framed SOPs, car showrooms, mechanic shops and other businesses associated with the automobile sector have been clubbed together and will operate on the same day.

Similarly, garments and cloth shops, boutiques, tailoring shops, embroidery shops and other relevant businesses have been put in the same category.

Meanwhile, shops selling household items, furniture, carpets, bedding, crockery and articles made of plastic have been placed under one category, while markets and shops dealing in electronic appliances, mobile markets and electronics and mobile repair shops have also been grouped together.

Another category comprises businesses dealing in construction goods, carpenter shops, hardware stores, sanitary ware shops and markets selling wood and iron goods.

Businesses dealing in industrial goods and materials, motor and engineering services, repair shops and chemicals constitute a separate category.

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