For the Very First, Arabs are Showing Concerns for Indians Muslims

The outbreak of COVID-19 in India has presented yet another opportunity to launch a fresh attack on the Muslim community. Physical, verbal and psychological warfare is being waged against Muslims, pushing further their ostracisation in Indian society.

Violent attacks on Muslims perceived to be carriers of the virus have been reported from different parts of the country.

There has been a sudden surge in Islamophobic hashtags and posts on different social media platforms accusing Muslims of purposefully spreading the virus. A new term, “corona jihad“, has been coined to describe this conspiracy. Videos showing Muslims spitting on vegetables and fruit, licking plates and smearing surfaces with their saliva are being circulated widely.

It all started when news spread that people who had attended a large gathering of Tablighi Jamaat, a Muslim missionary movement, at its premises in New Delhi had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The Tablighi Jamaat was blamed for organising this event in the middle of March, ignoring the threat of the spread of the virus. It has created an impression that the Muslim movement is the main culprit.

Recently Arab world is point out that issue and raised their voices for Muslims of India. it is reveled that every year 55 billion transferred to India from Gulf countries and 120 billion annually from all Muslims countries. in return what how they are treating Muslims?

A Kuwaiti journalist expressed his thoughts on media about that issue saying:

“every Muslims around world is linked in brotherhood and have rights on each other, as it is order by our beloved Prophet S.A.W. In India RSS named organization is violating Muslims rights badly and insulting them, which is not acceptable. This all started after a lame blame on Muslims for spreading coronavirus in India after a religious gathering held in march. This human violation is not limited to Indian Muslims only but relates to all Muslim ummah”

Other tweets from around Arab world leaders are showing high concerns for Muslims of India and they are openly demanding peace for them, have a look:


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