Israeli Army: Corona Crisis to Last Another 18 Months

Even another week under lockout is hard to picture. Many fear that the economy will reach the complete collapse each additional day of closure. However, the Israeli Directorate of Military Intelligence claims that at least until the end of 2021 the Jewish state and the Arab neighbours must struggle with coronavirus and its aftermath.

It’s the job of Israel’s military intelligence to routinely assess the long-term affects of various events and situations. And it’s good at this job. In the case of COVID-19, these experts should be taken even more seriously.

According to veteran Israeli journalist Ben Caspit, the Military Intelligence Directorate has dedicated unprecedented resources to keeping on top of the coronavirus, both at home and abroad.

How long?

Israel’s Military Intelligence is in the know when it comes to the coronavirus. That much is clear. The fact that they are devoting so much of their resources to this crisis should be quite telling.

Still, Caspit asked how long General Hayman and his men believed the crisis would last. Until the end of 2021, at least, was the disheartening answer.

Of course, there is debate over whether it’s the virus itself, or the aftermath of our government’s policies that will take so long to overcome.

Many experts, including Israelis, are saying that COVID-19 is something we will have to learn to live with, even if a vaccine is developed. It will become a seasonal threat like the thousands of other viruses we battle every year. Perhaps more damaging is the global lockdown, which in Israel has resulted in 27 percent unemployment. Nightly news broadcasts have shifted from scaremongering over the number of dead to heart-wrenching stories of average Israelis who can’t put food on their tables.

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