Toyota Planes to Support Package for Vendors Across Pakistan

The Indus Motor Company (IMC) has announced in a pleasant way that it will provide all the vendors with short-term non-interest emergency loans. In this time of lockdown these loans will be necessary for them to have a liquidity approximation from May 2020.

Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, worldwide people were badly hit and the Pakistani automotive industry isn’t unlike a global shutdown. It is a praiseworthy IMC act, which says Toyota’s relatives are the salesmen.

Mashood Khan, the ex-chairman of PAAPAM; Director of Mehran Enterprise (parts manufacturer) & vendor of IMC, said “We highly appreciate the financial support given to the vendors. Indeed we face an acute financial crunch which will hopefully be resolved by this step of management.”

He added that they had tried to approach the government with their difficulties and to ask for some relief but their pleas went unheard and unanswered. He added that, “We hope other OEM including Chinese OEM assemblers will take the same step to support the vendors and urged the vendors to not exploit the offer rather respects it.”

According to another vendor, the company under the leadership of the late Ali Habib has always helped its suppliers and vendors as a family. It is heartening to see this legacy continue.

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