COVID-19: Prime Minister Imran Khan Launches Cash Assistance Programme for Jobless Pakistanis

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched a unique project of providing cash assistance to workers especially daily wagers who lost jobs due to prolonged lockdown in the country.

He launched a dedicated online portal for individuals who were rendered jobless due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and vowed that every registered jobless person would get the assistance.

As everyone cannot register online due to illiteracy, a registration desk at Union councils will be allotted to volunteers of Tigers Force to enroll these daily wagers who need help.

How to get?

Every individual who lost job will get Rs12,000 cas assistance under Ehasas (care) programme. They need to register on

Sustaining lockdown

During the launching ceremony of the portal, Prime Minister Imran reiterated that the country could not sustain a prolonged lockdown as labourers and the daily wagers were suffering.

“The entire world is trying to restart its economy. Places like New York where thousands are dying have also decided to reopen their industries,” he noted.

He further said that even the rich governments are reopening and easing lockdowns because they realise they cannot keep the country under lockdown for long.

The prime minister said the main aim of his government was to make sure the people of the country were not burdened.

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