Xiaomi Launched Smart Mobile Air-Conditioner

Almost every home today has air-conditioner at their home but mostly only in the bedrooms or the sitting rooms, but you won’t find them in most of the kitchens. In winters, you might not seem it useful, but you would always like it in the sweaty summers during high-temperatures.

To take care of this need, Xiaomi Youpin has launched the Xiaomi smart mobile air-conditioner. This is a third-party air-conditioner produce by NEW WIDE TECH and priced at $226.

Features of Xiaomi Smart Mobile Air-Conditioner:

If you are a regular customer of Xiaomi, then you must know the size of the Mi Purifier. The air-conditioner is of the same capacity, along with the universal caster at the bottom.

This caster at the bottom will allow you to move this Xiaomi Mobile air-conditioner to the kitchen when required. So, this one is not only meant for the kitchen but also other areas in your house like a sitting area, dining room, bedroom, and even in your office.

Xiaomi Smart mobile air-conditioner unboxing

Exact Size of Air-Conditioner

The new Xiaomi Smart mobile air-conditioner is only 11-17 square meters, and that is all, it doesn’t need any outdoor unit like another split air-conditioner. The device comes with the three modes, i.e., air supply, dehumidifier, and cooling. So the air-conditioner can not only be used in the summers, but also you can use it in rainy seasons for dehumidification.

Without Outdoor Unit?

So, you would be wondering how the air-conditioner will run without an outdoor unit? The answer is that the device comes with the DC water pumping motor. It forces the evaporation of condensed water without draining it all time. You get the silver ion filter in the machine, which will help you to purify the air.

Xiaomi Smart mobile air-conditioner specs

Paired With Smart Phone

As the name suggests, Xiaomi Smart mobile Air-conditioner is smart with the in-built WIFI function. So, you can pair it to your smartphone through the MIJIA App. You can adjust all the settings of the Air-conditioner through the mobile.

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