Pakistani TikTok Star Ghani Tiger Asks for Justice in Video after Father Brutally Murdered, Brother Shot

Crying uncontrollably and begging for justice, Pakistani TikTok star, Ghani Tiger posted a video online after his father was brutally murdered and his brother was shot in Pasrur city, in the province of Punjab on May 2.

The incident occurred in the district of Sialkot, from where the online star hails. In the clip that soon went viral online after getting posted, Ghani said people came to his house holding rods and pistols and brutally beat his father to death and shot his brother in his leg.

He also named the alleged culprits involved in the video.

According to Ghani, almost 50 to 60 people beat up his father when there was no one there from his family and killed him. However, he did not clearly state the reason for the incident.

He pleaded to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the incident. Ghani said he would not remain silent until his appeal was heard among the highest official ranks and justice was served.

Soon after, #JusticeforDawoodButt started trending on Twitter in Pakistan. People expressed their sympathy as well as asked for justice to be served.

Tweep @tarim_syed shared a part of the video and wrote: “Please share it as much as you can. This is heart wrenching.”

Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas, @ZaraNoorAbbas, posted: “It pierces my heart to see that even in times like this and the day and age like this, a son has to beg for justice for his father’s death, online. How many more murders to happen before we can get goons behind bars? #justicefordawood.”

Reportedly, several of the culprits have been arrested by Punjab Police, while the authorities are looking for others.

Ghani updated the public in a video shared by Superintendent of Police, Atif Nazir, @SP_Atif_Nazir with the caption: “Apropos of unfortunate incident at Pasrur in which father of famous TikTok star was murdered and uploading his previous video, his latest video about police efforts is uploaded. Listen and share it further.”

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