PNU Students Present Creative Solutions to Combat Coronavirus

Three students from Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University have won the initiative of “COVID-19 Challenge”, which was launched by the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university. The students were tasked with inventing creative and distinctive solutions to combat the corona crisis.

The initiative targeted about 38,000 students to participate in both tracks of the competition: health and social. More than 40 of the total participation were classified and three were nominated for the top positions.

The first participation was by the two students Fatima AlSamel and Mashael AlSadiq: A bracelet to sterilize hands and to reduce the consumption of plastic and gloves.

The second participation was by Abeer AlShammari: A programmatic application that suits all mobile devices to provide information and spread awareness of coronavirus.

While the third participation by Sahab AlFulaij was: A bus called “We Care For You” that provides food and medical supplies serving all Riyadh neighborhoods and another bus that takes blood samples within each neighborhood to isolate the infested ones.

Each participation was evaluated on the competition terms, which has to be modern and original idea based on an applicable scientific basis and can contribute in developing the community health culture.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Munirah AlMuqren, said that the initiative seeks to turn the challenge into opportunities to search for excellence and innovation in providing services.

She added that the goal of this challenge is to find solutions to fight and limit the spread of the virus by encouraging students. She also expressed her pride in the results of the students who were trained and creative.

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