82% of Citizens Satisfied with Govt Policies on Coronavirus: poll

Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts have proved to be correct, which is why 82% of citizens were satisfied with the government’s policy on coronavirus.

He expressed satisfaction over a Gallup poll’s results, which revealed that in the last one month, 22% more people had given positive feedback on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led (PTI) government’s efforts to curb the virus.

He said it was gratifying to acknowledge that the coronavirus threat had been dealt with properly. “Now is the time to turn the wheel of the national economy and relax restrictions on the lockdown.”

He further said that even developed countries could not afford such a long lockdown but the federal government and the Punjab government had adopted a better policy by implementing flexible rules for the lockdowns.

The senior minister added that the positive reports of independent observers about the government were welcoming as even in these difficult circumstances, the 2.5% increase in Pakistani exports was encouraging. “The Pakistani people had also shown a responsible attitude in these difficult circumstances.”

“The prime minister and his team acted wisely in difficult situations while the opposition adopted a policy of only criticism.”

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