Tax on Digital, IT Related Services Reduced to 5pc

Advisor to Chief Minister on Science and Information Technology, Ziaullah Bangash on Friday said that  KP government was  taking steps for investment in Information Technology ( IT)  sector and job creation for the youth.

In a statement he said that  provincial government has reduced the tax rate on different IT related services.

The tax rate on ride-hailing services reduced from 15% to 2% and on online marketplace services from 15 percent to 5 percent.

Similarly, tax on Call Center Services has been reduced from 15 percent to 5 percent.

He said that tax of all digital and IT based services have been reduced to 5 percent which will benefit general public.

Ziaullah Bangash said a viable digital policy will help turn around the entire public sector’s departments.

He said that digital technology was reshaping economies and the KP Government move of digital transformation would help to overcome all the modern challenges.

The KP was the first province which had digital policy and during the current year all departments would prepare a digital policy to put their working on modern lines and make it hassle free through digitization process.

He said the current year would be digital transformation year in the province to make administrative affairs receptive to current day’s requirements and different activities in this regard would be taking place throughout the year.

He said that reforms under the digitization move would be implemented in letter and spirit on fast track.

He said digitization figured high on the government’s priority list and in this regard no compromise would be made to fully capitalize on those reform-based initiatives.

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