Data Shows 69pc of Covid-19 Victims Male in Punjab

The Covid-19 is proving more lethal when it comes to male patients as compared to women virus carriers as an analysis of official data shows that 69 of its victims in Punjab were men, while the remaining 31 per cent women. Only two transpersons died from the pandemic in the province.

A senior official told Dawn that Punjab reported 1.82 per cent virus death rate, while 40pc of carriers recovered from the disease across the province so far.

Meanwhile, the Punjab government issued new guidelines for the treatment of severe and critical Covid-19 patients to keep the death toll low.

Recommended by Corona Experts Advisory Group (CEAG), the guidelines had been dispatched to all the vice-chancellors of the medical universities, principals of medical colleges and the heads of the teaching and other government hospitals, keeping in view recent surge in the death rate in Punjab.

According to an age-wise analysis, the virus proved most fatal for those in 50-60 year age bracket as such patients make 32pc of the total victims. The patients between 61 to 70 years of age were the second-most vulnerable group as 27pc of those who died from Covid-19 fall in it.

Those in 50-60 age bracket ‘most vulnerable’. Similarly, 16pc of the patients who died were between the age of 41 and 50 years, and 13pc between 71 to 80.

Interestingly, only two percent of Covid-19 patients were 80 years old or above, while 10pc of the deaths occurred among those who were 40 or below.

Another alarming factor the data analysis revealed was that most of those who died had no other disease or co-morbidity.

The gender-wise analysis further revealed that of the 31pc females who died, 66pc had no co-morbidity, while of total 69pc male victims, 67pc were having no other disorder.

Similarly, the recovery ratio among young Covid-19 patients is the highest, as compared to others.

According to the analysis, out of total patients who got recovered, 23pc were in 24-34 age group, 17pc in 35-44 group, 15pc in 18-24, 14pc in 45-54, 13pc in 55-64, eight percent in 65-74 and only one per cent of recovered patients were in 75 years and above age bracket.

The analysis was conducted by experts of the both health departments and shared in an official meeting in order to devise future strategies to curtail the pandemic, accordingly.

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