Govt Launches Free COVID-19 WhatsApp Consultation Service Under Telehealth Portal

The federal government has started free WhatsApp consultation services from the COVID-19 Telehealth Portal, allowing citizens to talk directly with doctors regarding the Coronavirus.

Last month, Tania Aidrus, the former Google executive spearheading the Digital Pakistan campaign, launched the COVID-19 Telehealth Portal with the aim to connect doctors and citizens through a single platform.

Tania Aidrus had asked doctors from all over the country to register themselves with the portal and offer their services voluntarily during the pandemic.

Hundreds of doctors have now signed up with the COVID-19 Telehealth Portal to give back to their community amid the Coronavirus crisis.

To use the WhatsApp consultation services through COVID-19 Telehealth Portal, all citizens need to do is to save 0300-1111166, the official Coronavirus chatbot of the government of Pakistan, in their contacts list and send a WhatsApp message on this number.

Besides speaking to a doctor, citizens will have the option to seek additional information regarding the Coronavirus such as.

  • What is coronavirus/COVID-19?
  • Symptoms of coronavirus
  • How to protect yourself from Corona?
  • I think I may have the coronavirus. Assess myself.
  • Find labs for testing
  • Today’s numbers
  • Coronavirus information videos
  • Share this Helpline

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