148 People Sent Home After COVID-19 Test Clearance in Faisalabad

148 more people tested negative for coronavirus and sent their homes from Paras quarantine centre of Faisalabad.

The virus patients had been admitted to Iqbal and Qasim halls of the quarantine centre who tested positive for coronavirus after returning from a foreign country.

The assistant commissioner saw off the patients discharged from the quarantine centre after recovering from the virus.

Earlier in the day, the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department said that 301 new cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported in Punjab, taking the provincial tally of Covid-19 patients to 11,868.

A spokesperson for the department said 14 more coronavirus positive patients died, bringing the number of people falling prey to the infection in the province to 211. 4,452 people have thus far recovered from the disease.

194 out of 301 new cases surfaced in the provincial capital, the department said.

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