COVID-19: What Precautions Should I take While Shopping for Eid?

It is that time of year again, when we all leave our homes for a shopping spree targeted at acquiring the perfect outfits and accessories so we can look our very best for Eid. 

However, this time, the endeavour will have to preclude a lot of safety considerations to mitigate the chances of contracting COVID-19 — the disease that has left millions ill and tens of thousands dead all around the world. 

After the government announced it is easing lockdown restrictions across the country this week, most of us have already prepared a shopping list. 

The following is another list you must commit to memory, or better yet save to your phone to go through before you step out of the house. 

1. Don’t forget to carry your safety masks, gloves and sanitiser!

First thing’s first. As much as you have to remember to carry your wallet as you step out for your Eid shopping spree, you also have to ensure that you leave your house with face masks, gloves, a sanitiser and any other protection equipment you can get your hands on.

Health experts around the world say that face masks and safety kits are our weapons to fight coronavirus till we find a vaccine for the disease. Moreover, they become a necessity when we plan to move about in crowds or in cramped places like markets.

2. Digital payments are always a safer option

With changing world dynamics, the coronavirus outbreak has also prompted second thoughts on reaching for cash. In a bid to avoid potential hygiene issues around handling bank notes, opting for digital payments while shopping is a much safer alternative. Moreover, digital payments enable people to access goods and services while in quarantine or maintaining social distancing.

3. Be mindful of social distancing

Avoid stepping inside outlets which are packed with people. You can always take a round of other stores and visit the shop again after some time. Remember to maintain a social distance of at least 2 metres from the customers and staff while you shop. 

4. Prepare a list before hand

Jotting down a list of what you need whether it is for gifts or groceries will help keep you on track and minimise your time outside. This way you can avoid forgetting things and save yourself from aimlessly wandering about in markets. Targeted shopping will also conserve much needed energy expelled as the mercury continues to climb.

5. Don’t indulge in panic buying

With restricted shopping hours, you might tend to overreach and buy items you never needed. Devise a clear roadmap of destinations to hit before stepping out and with only the targeted items in mind.

6. Grab a water bottle or a homemade sandwich on your way out

It is quite a possibility that you might feel hungry on your shopping tour. In the current situation, it is better to avoid dining out or having a drink from a public place. Stay safe by carrying your own water bottle and snack. A homemade sandwich will help fight the hunger pangs as you hunt for the perfect shoes to go with your Eid outfit.

7. Use delivery services where possible

The fewer the people out on the roads and in shops, the lesser the chance there is for people to contract COVID-19. Online shopping will save you and many others from falling prey to the disease.

All in all, celebrations this Eid must not come at the expense of safety. Let’s make sure to check all these boxes before we step out to splurge.

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