Learn from Home: Softbeats to Carry Free Online ERP Webinars for Students & Professionals

In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Softbeats PVT Ltd took the initiative to show solidarity with the people and government of Pakistan. Softbeats not only did fulfill and willingly accepted every SOP and instruction given by the government but they also proudly volunteered to help out for the betterment of our society and our people. 

The education sector has suffered the longest lockdown in order to prevent mass transmission of the virus, this adversely affected students who were either aspiring to finish their degrees, pass out through high school, were planning to apply in colleges or universities. 

With everything coming to a halt for once, it has severely affected the yearly academic cycle, with youth not sure about how to pursue their studies or how to make this quarantine a productive time. Softbeats have decided to carry out online webinars to train students who pursue accounts or finance as their primary profession.

The webinars include knowledge of using ERP from industry professionals and getting aspirants familiar with the interface of a leading ERP software in Pakistan “GLUON ERP”. Also one of the main aims of these webinars is to make students get a clear understanding of how an accounting module in an ERP software works or how it helps keep the financials transparent. Many companies these days invest heavily in ERPs. 

The webinar registrations will be open in the coming week and participants can register through email or whatsapp. The interested candidates can keep an eye on Gluon ERP official page (https://web.facebook.com/GluonERP/) for webinar announcement & registration process. 

Participants would also be provided with ‘’ E-Certification’’.

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