Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi : 2020 Edition

The backpack from Xiaomi are stylish, high-quality and affordable. For this we love the brand’s products. No wonder there is a well-known expression: “Xiaomi is the top for its money.” In this review, we will tell you which Xiaomi backpacks are the best and who they are suitable for.

Xiaomi (Mi) 20L Leisure Backpack

This model is intended for those for whom the LARGE capacity is important. The volume of Leisure Backpack is as much as 20 liters! In the main “bag” compartment, you can put a bunch of overall luggage: books, clothes, a camera, a thermos (if you are going camping), etc. 

At the same time, a special laptop compartment is also provided. There neatly fits a laptop with a diameter of up to 15.6 inches. So in any trip, you get the opportunity to go online, work, watch movies and fresh videos from YouTube.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

Leisure Backpack is good not only for tourism. It is perfect for everyday use in the city. Great modern design of the backpack will be a bright element of your image. The product is made on the basis of high-quality 600D polyester, which is characterized by high strength and resistance to wear. 

Adjustable straps and anatomical back design allow you to properly distribute the load on the back, reducing fatigue. YKK lightning provides convenient user access to the luggage.

Xiaomi Classic Business Backpack

A good option for business people and lovers of the classic style. Xiaomi business backpack has a simple, practical design, without catchy elements. The rectangular shape of the backpack goes well with both a business suit and casual clothes.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

The product is made of high-strength and water-repellent Oxford fabric with a thickness of 1260D. With such a backpack, it’s not scary to get even under heavy rain. 

Inside the Classic Business Backpack is a well-thought-out system of compartments, the so-called “mini-office”. Here you can conveniently place everything you need: a diary, pens, a wallet, a smartphone and much more. For the laptop there is a special 15-inch compartment.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

S-shaped straps are designed for comfortable wearing. They do not rub or crush the skin even with prolonged use of the backpack. The breathable backrest material helps to remove excess heat and moisture from the user’s body.

Xiaomi Multifunctional Urban Leisure Chest Pack

Compact city backpack with a volume of 4 liters. The single-hole design is comfortable to wear, universal for men and women, can be worn both front and rear. The product is made of polyester, visually pleasing and to the touch. High quality fabric. The model does not deform and does not fade over time.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

The backpack is equipped with a convenient pocket system. There is a place for documents, gadgets, lunch box, keys, wallet, stationery and other little things. Additionally, there is a compartment for an 8-inch tablet.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

Conclusion: The Multifunctional Urban Leisure Chest Pack is the perfect backpack for traveling to the office or for business meetings. It is suitable for walking around the city.

Xiaomi Travel Business Multifunctional Backpack

Gathered on a long trip? With this backpack you can take everything you need with you. Its capacity is 26 LITERS. A large number of compartments and pockets allows you to easily lay out all things in their places. Traveling technologists will especially like this model.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

Travel Business pockets are “ground” for storing a variety of gadgets in them. For example, a large pocket in the main compartment has an inner microfiber surface. 

Here you can safely store the most valuable and vulnerable electronics, for example, the latest iPhone model. Of course, there is also a special compartment for a laptop (with a diameter of up to 15.6 inches). By the way, even a medium-sized quadrocopter can be transported in a Travel Business bag, in particular, it is great for Mi Drone 4K.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

The model is made of durable polyester, resistant to tearing and wear. At a distance, this material resembles skin. Another advantage: ease of care. Dust and fine dirt are easily cleaned with a damp cloth

Ergonomic shoulder straps evenly distribute the load on the entire surface of the back. On the back there is a special cross elastic, which allows you to fix the backpack on the handle of the suitcase.

Xiaomi Urban Life Style Backpack

Elegant bag for everyday use. Capacity – 14 liters. The unusual rectangular shape will appeal to fans of modern trends. In addition to the appearance, Urban Life Style pleases with a large number of pockets and compartments.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

The gadget with a diameter of 15 inches fits perfectly into the laptop compartment. An external pocket is perfect for storing power banks, pens, keys and other necessary trifles. You can put a wet umbrella or wet wipes in the rubberized left pocket. The inner surface of the right pocket is covered with soft velveteen: this is a great place to transport a smartphone or glasses. In addition, inside the backpack there is a hidden pocket for the most valuable and private items.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

Durable backpack frame reliably protects luggage from shock and dampness. The back is equipped with a filler made of polyethylene foam, which makes it comfortable to wear and reduces the load on the shoulders.

Xiaomi (Mi) Mini Backpack 10L

A small backpack that is great for both children and adults, both men and women. As many as 8 colors are available, so the Mini Backpack can cater to every taste. Not surprisingly, she became a bestseller in 2019.

Top 6 Backpacks From Xiaomi

The capacity of the backpack is 10 liters. There are 3 external and 3 internal compartments, this makes it possible to rationally put many things in their places. A special secret compartment is also provided, where it is convenient to store money and documents.

The product is made of Oxford 650D fabric. It is durable, as well as the ability to repel dust. Special impregnation provides a high degree of water protection.

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