RAW Agent Arrested by FIA in Karachi

The FIA Counterterrorism Wing arrested a Special Branch police official over his suspected links with Indian spy agency RAW in Karachi.

According to the FIA, ASI Musawwar Naqvi is an important member of a sleeper cell operated by the RAW. Naqvi had been working in the surveillance unit at the Jinnah International Airport where he used to facilitate his colleagues in their movement.

The FIA authorities say that the accused is also involved in targeted killings and terrorism acts. He used to receive money on the directives of RAW agent Mehmood Siddiqui, while he had also travelled to India in 2008 for training.

Earlier, the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Police, intelligence agencies and FIA had arrested six members of a RAW sleeper cell some days ago. They have been identified as Adil Ansari, Shehzad, Shahid, Siraj, Majid and Asif Siddiqui.

One of them, Shehzad, is a policeman while others are the employees of different government departments, including the University of Karachi and Water Board.

Officials say the accused, associated with the MQM-London, are being interrogated by a joint investigation team.

On the other hand, the FIA has registered a case against them on the charges of money laundering, terror financing as well as terrorism training and terror facilitating.

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