Disinfectant Sprays Are More Harmful to Humans Than to COVID-19: WHO

World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that spraying disinfectants on streets poses health risks and does not help eliminate the coronavirus.

In a document regarding cleaning and disinfecting released recently, the WHO stated that spraying is ineffective.

Spraying or fumigation of outdoor spaces, such as streets or marketplaces, is not recommended to kill the COVID-19 virus or other pathogens because disinfectant is inactivated by dirt and debris. Even in the absence of organic matter, chemical spraying is unlikely to adequately cover all surfaces for the duration of the required contact time needed to inactivate pathogens.

WHO has further added that spraying toxic chemicals such as chlorine on people can cause eye and skin irritation, bronchospasm, and gastrointestinal effects.

Spraying toxic chemicals can be dangerous for human health as it does not reduce an infected person’s ability to spread the virus through droplets or contact.

WHO has recommended cleaning surfaces with a cloth or a wipe that has been soaked in a disinfectant.

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