Makkah has Highest Number of COVID-19 Cases in Saudi Arabia

Seven cities and governorates in Saudi Arabia have together recorded 2,378 cases, 87 per cent of 2,736 coronavirus infections reported yesterday, the Saudi Alwatan Newspaper reported Sunday.

Makkah with 557 cases topped the list on Sunday. It was followed by Riyadh with 488 cases, 392 in Medina, 357 in Jeddah, 286 in Dammam and 149 each in Hufof and Al Jubail.

There were also 81 new infections in Taif, 51 in Al Khobar, 24 in Qatif, 18 in Tabuk, 15 each in Dhahran and Baish, 14 in Bisha and 12 in Buraidah.

The Ministry of Health spokesperson, Dr. Mohamed Al Abdali, affirmed that the number of recovery in the Kingdom has been increasing, and is now about 47 per cent thanks to the early detection of cases, which contributes to early recovery.

Al Abdali reiterated that the spread of virus in the kingdom is under control, adding: “It is known during pandemics that the curves will be go up and down gradually, and it is important during these times to have a view of its rapid spread. However, the virus spread in the Kingdom is under control, and the rise in numbers is attributed to redoubling our tests efforts, which results in the early detection of cases.”

Saudi Arabia has so far reported 54,752 cases, of which 28,718 are active cases receiving treatment at the Kingdom’s hospital. There are also 2020 cases in critical condition are receiving intensive care, while the total number of patients recovered jumped to 25,722.

Makkah has the highest number of COVID-19 cases followed by Riyadh with 10,176 cases overall, while Jeddah reported 9,285 cases followed by Madinah with 7602 cases.

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