President Arif Alvi Gets Admired for Standing in a Queue at the Bakery [Video]

VIP culture is a real thing in Pakistan, however, when a public office holder or a dignitary abandons his or her protocols, it sets a great precedent for others to follow.

President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi has often been seen waiting in queues for his turn, whether its the airport or any other place. Recently, another video of him is making rounds on social media in which he was seen shopping for a dessert from a local bakery in Islamabad.

Many believe that Arif Alvi is one of the few politicians who hasn’t changed after getting a big office. In the video, he was seen standing in line as he inquired about the variety of sweet dishes available at Jamil Sweets.

The Twitter handle of the bakery posted CCTV footage of his visit. He was wearing a mask and there were no security guards nor did he ask for preferential treatment as he shopped for sweets as an ordinary customer. The Twitter handle posted that they wished they had known it was Arif Alvi and not some ordinary customer.

It was shocking for us to receive President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi as a customer. He was standing in queue like a normal customer. Wish we knew he was Pakistan President, Dr. Arif Alvi we would have served him special Ras Malai.

Here’s the video:

The replies under the tweet show how much respect people have for him for his simplicity.

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