Xiaomi’s New Face Mask Can Self Disinfect & Supports Smartphone Face Unlock

As the global pandemic progresses, wearing a mask outdoors has become a norm. However, for many this small change has resulted in plenty of inconveniences including that face that they cannot use the face unlock feature on most of their devices.

Keeping the situation in mind, Xiaomi owned Huami has announced that it is working on launching a facemask that allows users to unlock their device using Face ID without having to pull off the mask subbed the Amazefit Aeri. According to the company, the mask will have a transparent design and will come with built-in ultraviolet lights for self-disinfection that will work by plugging in a USB Type-C cable to the side.

The mask will also feature removable air-filters. The company claims that each one will last 6 weeks before replacement. For comparison, N95 masks are effective for just 8 hours before replacement.

Currently, Huami is working on building prototypes for the mask. Hence, they will not be available commercially for at least 6 months to a year. Here’s to hoping the pandemic doesn’t last that long.

As far as the price is concerned, Huami has said that it plans to make it as affordable as its other products. However, Analysts believe it will cost around $50.

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