Microsoft to Open Source Fluid Framework; Previews End-User Experience

Microsoft is bringing its real-time collaboration technology, Fluid Framework, to Office and Outlook web apps. The idea is to bring real-time collaboration and sharing between online Office and Outlook documents anytime, anywhere.

Microsofts calls these Fluid components Lego Blocks that can be edited by anyone anytime. As an example, a table or graph can be created without having to switch between multiple apps and this table will persist on the web for anyone to use and edit. The core idea is similar to Google docs, but with better collaboration and sharing.

Jared Spataro, head of Microsoft 365 explained it as:

Imagine you could take those Lego pieces and put them in any place you wanted: in emails, in chats, in other apps. As people work on them, they will always be updated and contain the latest information.

With its initial release, people will be able to create Fluid components (tables, graphs, sheets, agendas, etc) through the web version of Outlook, plug them into Office 365 documents, and invite others to collaborate.

The preview for Fluid Components will become available to Microsoft 365 enterprise subscribers in the upcoming months. It will arrive on Microsoft Teams and the desktop version of Outlook next year.

Additionally, to make it even more accessible, Microsoft is also making it open source so developers can shape what Microsoft has created however they want. This will hopefully entice developers into implementing the idea into their own platforms and contribute to the technology as well.

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