Police Launch Action Against Toy Guns, Aerial Firing

The police in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have planned action against shops selling toy guns ahead of Eidul Fitr in a bid to discourage the gun culture among the children and youth. Besides, the police have started awareness campaign to stop aerial firing on Chaand Raat to celebrate the moon-sighting that resulted in deaths and injuries to a large number of people in the past.

Now that the shops and markets are open, many have started the sale of various kinds of toy guns for children. These arms are promoting the culture of violence among the children and youth.

“A crackdown has been launched on shops involved in the sale of toy guns and firecrackers. A large stockpile of toy guns and firecrackers was seized by the police during a raid on Tuesday and cases were duly registered against the accused violating the law and putting life of public in danger,” District Police Officer Mardan, Sajjad Khan told The News.

He added action against toy guns would continue across the district even after Eidul Fitr. The DPO Mardan appreciated his team and emphasized that action against sellers of toy guns is significant because kids deserved to have books in their hands instead of these weapons.

He directed field officers to take stern action against the sellers of toy guns. The district administration in Shangla has banned the sale of toy guns. According to the officials of district administration, the ban would remain in place till June. A number of other districts have also banned the sale of toy guns and aerial firing.

The police in various districts have launched campaign to create awareness among the public about the consequences of aerial firing. Posters and banners have been placed on police vans asking public to discourage celebratory firing as it can claim lives.

Thousands of rounds are fired on Chaand Raat and other festive occasions. The sale of toy guns and crackers records an increase before and during Eid every year. Children can be seen brandishing toy guns, which can fire plastic bullets similar to the real guns. These cause not only injuries to people but also promote violence among the kids.

Some of these guns look like real Kalashnikovs and other automatic weapons and attract children to the real guns. People on the social media have asked the police and district administration of all the districts in KP to ban the sale and use of toy guns and aerial firing under Section 144 of the criminal procedure code.

Last year Mardan Police had suggested imposing a ban on toy guns after a campaign was launched on the social media to discourage the fascination for guns among children. Crackdowns were launched against dealers selling toy guns in different parts of the country after the ban.

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