Xiaomi Launches a 10W Wireless Universal Car Charger

Xiaomi just launched its most awaited wireless car charger that supports 10W fast charging. It supports various devices that are capable of charging wirelessly. It can also be used with wireless charging receiver modules for phones that are not compatible with the technology.

The device, although designed for the recently launched Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, it is not limited to only Xiaomi devices. For reference, it can charge anything from the Samsung Galaxy S10 to the new iPhone SE 2020.

Additionally, the charger has an effective charging range of about 4mm, hence, it can also work with protective cases. Although, the charging is more effective without a charging case. It also comes with electric induction clamp arms on either side to keep the phone in place. According to the company, this is more efficient in comparison with the conventional slip style.

Moreover, the new Xiaomi 10W universal car charger comes with a built-in infrared sensor and motor. This allows the device to detect a smartphone in proximity automatically, as a result, it knows when to tighten or loosen its grip on the smartphone.

The device is constructed using a glass panel primarily to help with thermal conduction. It is currently available for sale in China and costs around $18.

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