#Colonelkibiwi is Trending on Twitter and as Per Reports COAS has Taken notice of Her Abusive Behavior

Yesterday a video was released ensuing a repugnant show of power and authority at the Hazara Highway. The video showcased a woman misbehaving with police officers and being nothing but ignorant about the blockade.

Many others besides her were waiting patiently for the police officers to remove the barrier but the woman decided to take things in her hands and that too in a rather abusive and demeaning manner.

She threatens police officers and goes onto removing the barricade her self and when stopped, she blatantly asked her fellow traveler, supposedly her son, to drive the car over the police officer. She continuously claimed to be the ‘colonel’s wife’ and that there is no power in the world to stop her from driving ahead.

The video has been circulating around social media and is now trending on Twitter. Many people have come forward and honored the policeman for his patience and integrity in the face of misdemeanor by the woman. Others expressed their views about blatant use of power and authority. Whilst others felt sorrow over how discrimination prevails in our society.

There is more to this unfortunate story. Another alleged video about the colonel himself has been released and that is equally preposterous. The colonel himself abuses the officer in a rather demeaning manner. He even loads a pistol in the end of the video to show how power prevails.

Regarding the incident, immediate disciplinary action has been taken against the officer, whose wife can be seen in the video. Many have asked to take a staunch action regarding the unnecessary drama that prevailed on the Hazara Highway.

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