Oxfam to Shutdown Operations in 18 Countries Including Pakistan

Grappling with the Coronavirus-induced financial crisis, Oxfam International, one of the world’s largest charitable organizations, has decided to significantly limit its operations worldwide, aiming to adapt to the financial impact of the pandemic.

According to the statement issued by Oxfam, the organization is going to withdraw from 18 countries, including Pakistan, out of 66 in which it operates. The decision will directly impact 1,450 out of 5,000 staff members of Oxfam and 700 out of 1,900 partner organizations across the world.

The 18 countries from which Oxfam is phasing out are Pakistan, Thailand, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Paraguay, Egypt, Tanzania, Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Benin, Liberia, and Mauritania.

Oxfam International Interim Executive Director, Chema Vera, has said:

Looking strategically at where and how we operate is the essential first step in ensuring that Oxfam can continue to make the best possible contribution to fighting inequality to end poverty and injustice, and to influence change as effectively as possible. We’ve been planning this for some time but we are now accelerating key decisions in light of the effects of the global pandemic.

Following the changes, Oxfam will shift more decision-making power to the global south and try to achieve maximum impact by re-orienting its team to work on issues according to their specific local context.

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