Motorway Police Releases the List of SOPs for Tansport Services

A list of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been issued by the Motorway Police, which must be observed during travelling.

The National Highways and Motorway Police has stated that the respective provincial governments are to ensure that all the issued SOPs are followed.


The SOPs demand that the transport vehicles must be at 50 per cent of their capacity and adequate distance is to be maintained among the passengers. Disinfection gates are to be installed at transport terminals and all the passengers must pass through them before entering their vehicle.

Transporters and provincial governments are directed to maintain a record of disinfections carried out on each vehicle at regular intervals. In addition, the Motorway Police has instructed relevant officials to issue certificates to vehicles that pass all the health and safety examinations before they are allowed to travel on road.


Disinfection of the service areas and all public places is to be ensured by NHA.

The public is requested to view the NHMP Travel Advisory. Motorway Police urges to avoid unnecessary travel and to support them to help restraint the spread of COVID-19.

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