Gree Patent Application Reveals an Air Conditioned Sofa, Could be an Efficient Alternative to Regular ACs

The popular Chinese consumer electronic brand, Gree, has recently applied for an interesting new patent. The patent was applied for back in January 2020 and details an air conditioned sofa.


According to the patent description, the unique sofa will have a body through an air inlet, and outlet will be present. In other words, the sofa’s body could have its temperature to be controlled through air flow. The body of the Gree sofa will house a fan and an apparent cooling mechanism as well to reproduce the cooling effect of air conditioners.

This cooling mechanism is said to be more efficient and effective than traditional air conditioners. The Gree sofa can possibly provide local cooling in regards to the users’ position. In other words, it can cool the surface area where the user is in contact with.

This would essentially make it a lot more efficient and lower power consumption by only targetting areas that require cooling rather than cooling the entire sofa body.

Unfortunately, we have no design images or schematics of the product at the moment. Furthermore, even its specifications or mechanisms haven’t been detailed in the application.

The patent was applied for in China’s Intellectual Property Office in Beijing but it is uncertain if Gree will actually develop such a product. So take this with a grain of salt for now.

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