IPification – Revolutionizing How Authentication Works

In the era of technology, security and digital authentication is the utmost concern of every company. Understanding the immense importance of digital safety and security, IPification was established as a platform to provide remastered and state-of-art mobile authentication.

The core goal of IPification is to provide unparalleled mobile authentication with simplified user experience so that mobile operators, service providers and customers can all benefit from it.

IPification aims to simplify the mobile authentication and fraud prevention. It brings the most secure and hassle free user experience unlike most common authentication practices such as One Time Passwords(OTPs). OTPs get repeatedly intercepted and although biometrics is relatively a more secure method of authentication, the problem associated with it is the inconvenience it creates for the user as this method requires a physical device for every single authentication done. Hence existing authentication methods are deprecated and unsatisfactory, therefore IPification aims to provide better ways of authentication that ensure complete and unmatched security.

Another aspect to be noted is although the SMS OTP has been growing for some time, it is forecasted that the growth will not sustain in future, as banks are finding innovative ways of authentication better than SMS OTP and OTT players are bringing their own authentication services (such as OTP for WhatsApp in business).

While speaking to Mashable Pakistan, Mark Harvey (Chief Revenue Officer,IPification) stated that the company’s technology basically combines the customer’s mobile number, sim card number and device number to create a unique ID; They call these three elements as the ‘golden triangle’. The unique ID is then used to secure and authenticate a transaction on the respective platforms such as banks, ecommerce etc.

IPification offers numerous modern and reliable methods to ensure the processes of authentication, verification and fraud prevention. The organization features products such as passwordless authentication, secure Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) authentication (DCB means that the customer can make purchases online/in-app and pay through the account balance with mobile operator) , phone verification (without OTP or header enrichment), swim swap detection, device change detection and proximity location and roaming detection.

Global reach

Ipification has successfully expanded its revolutionary technology to an estimated 1.5 billion devices globally. In addition more than 65 mobile operators worldwide are either live or are ready to launch the IPification technology.

While conversing with Mashable Pakistan, Maja Lazarević (Head of Marketing,IPification) said that IPification aims to expand all over the globe. She further added that they reach out to mobile network operators, merchants and service providers all over the world to get them on-board with IPification.

IPification is also closely working with Microsoft and is talking to many leading technology and fintech companies to launch IPification authentication and fraud prevention products soon.

Coming to Pakistan


IPification is keen to launch it’s services in Pakistan so all the mobile users and the digital economy could benefit from their simplified and secure technology. The company aims to collaborate with all the four mobile operators and give them access to the IPifications latest services. IPification is mainly targeting to introduce its services mainly in the banking sector,financial services and e-commerce sectors.

Speaking with Mashable Pakistan, Obaid Saleem (VP-Middle East and North Africa Region,IPification), stated how Ipification will help to potentially simplify the process of authentication in Pakistan. He gave a common example of the authentication process of a bank transaction, where people have to inconveniently wait to receive OTPs(One Time Passwords) by SMS or E-mail. In addition, ported numbers complicate the authentication process even more; as a bank or a merchant, you are uncertain if the message has been delivered. He said that therefore his company’s one-tap authentication technology can completely replace OTPs as it is undeniably proven to have better user experience while securing the transaction.

In underbanked countries like Pakistan, mobile banking and fintech services enjoy increasing popularity. This directs to the fact that mobile user security in such regions is of unparalleled importance. The IPification’s solution can allow mobile operators to enable potential financial institutions to authenticate customers for setting up new accounts or making transactions.

The mission of IPification is to increase user trust by enabling the highest level of security with one-tap user authentication and transaction approval option.

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