PIA has Decided to Import New State of the Art Flight Operations Control from Turkey

The unfortunate incident that took place last Friday is etched in our brains. The Airbus 320 crash killed over ninety passengers and destroyed residential area near Jinnah Garden too.

Adjacent houses, electric towers and telephone poles were completely destroyed along with casualties that were immediately taken to the hospital. The worst part of the incident was that the plane crashed within a mere distance of the airport’s runway. As of now, inspection is still underway with mixed reports of whether pilot should be blamed or the plane’s deplorable condition.

Pertaining to the whole crash, this isn’t the first time this incident has taken place. Similar pattern ensues previously as well. Where PIA planes crash either seconds after takeoff, landing and even midway.


However, following the whole incident, PIA has decided to import state of the art technology air flight operations system from a Turkey based IT company. According to a press release issued by Pakistan International Airlines; the new system has been approved by the International Civil Aviation which will help improve the airlines overall safety standards and processes that have been dwindling for the past few decades. Besides this, the new system will also help PIA to monitor departing and arriving flights in an improved manner.

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