Online Courses For Women Entrepreneurs

Keeping in mind the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on economy and the small businesses of women, IWCCI decided to design and help women entrepreneurs to learn the tactics of commerce so that they can successfully run their businesses using e-commerce.

The courses include ‘Converting Traditional business into Online’, ‘Digital Business Portfolio’, ‘Business Plan Development’, ‘Social Media Pages and Ads Development’ and ‘Advanced Marketing and Sales’. Interested women entrepreneurs can register themselves before May 31st.

These online programmes are not only limited to the women entrepreneurs of twin cities but they are also extending these services to women entrepreneurs from all over Pakistan.

In collaboration with Tech Darsgah these programmes are designed so that learning from these can take women to explore the potential that international markets have for their products. These courses will help the women to face challenges in their businesses which were especially affected by COVID-19.

Samina Fazil the Founding President IWCCI said that previously we did efforts for developing mechanisms for e commerce but women did not take much interest but now due to pandemic this is the need of the day for the businesses’ survival. We also believe that equipping them with the latest learning tools will help them to continue their businesses.

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