Face Masks are now Mandatory in Pakistan and there is a Fine and Jail For Not Complying

Dr Zafar Mirza in a tweet has declared face masks as mandatory for everyone. Since the lockdown ease, cases have increased two folds in Pakistan. People have been out and about their business whilst ensuing zero precautionary measures.

The government eased the lockdown in hopes to support the daily wagers and business community who suffered the most due to the global pandemic. Many people lost their jobs and their families were dependent on their single source of income for sustenance.

However, in hopes to support them, the plan has somehow backfired instead. People are being downright careless about precautionary measures. Refuting the fact that the virus has claimed so many lives.

However, state minister of health of Pakistan, Dr Zafar Mirza in a tweet has mentioned:

‘For general public, face mask in crowded places can be surgical or medical masks or even home-made cloth mask but not N95 mask please. N95 mask is a specialized mask ONLY for frontline health workers who take care of critically ill COVID-19 patients in ICUs and HDUs. Face masks are now mandatory to be worn by everybody while in crowded public places, mosques, bazaars, shopping malls, public transport ie road, rail and flights. We have reviewed our guidelines for wearing masks and have added a mandatory section <311>.’

If people fail to comply or take this lightly there will be a huge fine to pay. The only way we can keep ourselves safe is to ensue social distancing and follow precautionary measures to the T. Our healthcare system is already compromised. The medical staff is working overtime to bring the pandemic under control. The least we can do is follow rules as mentioned and be responsible.

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