Now Mijia Will be Known as “Xiaomi Smart Life”; Brand Releases the Name Change Announcement Officially

One of the top-ranked Chinese brands and the subsidiary of Xiaomi, Mijia officially announces that it will change its name. The company officials today announced the new name on the social media platform. Now, Mijia brand will known as ‘Xiaomi Smart Life.’

Furthermore, the company officials confirms that the brand would continue with the same logo to spread the products of Xiaomi Smart Life. it is only the process to modify the brand name to ‘Xiaomi Smart Life.’

To recall, the Chinese electronic and smart home products developer Xiaomi unveiled ‘Mijia’ in March 2016. It was an effort to differentiate products developed by Xiaomi itself from those developed by third-party companies. In the Chinese language, Mijia means ‘Xiaomi Smart Home’. Further, it adopted a logo, portraying shield to convey a sense of reliability from the brand image.

Hitherto the announcement of the Mijia brand, Xiaomi has been invested in 55 startups. Xiaomi had also revealed some impressive figures regarding its future targets. It said that they are working to spread the image of ‘Made in China’ and it will be achieved via Mijia Mi Ecosystem.

Xiaomi launched the Mijia Rice Cooker as a first smart product under the new brand. Since Japanese are experts in the smart rice cooker technology. Xiaomi took the services of Japanese engineers to build the product. Till now, the company have launch infinite products under Mijia branding, which also have grasped strong acceptance from the global users.

Now is the time for the new brand name, the Xiaomi Smart Life.’ It will be interesting to see how the new name will be lucky for the brand to mark success stories like Mijia. Everything is rested with the future.

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