Pakistan’s Unemployment Rate is Predicted to Rise to 28 Percent Amid COVID-19 Crisis

A recent survey by Gallup Pakistan reveals, more than seventeen million people could become unemployed in the future amid the COVID-19 crisis. The economy is already suffering with daily wagers losing their jobs and business community suffering loses amid the state induced lockdown. The unemployment rate is predicted to surge to a whopping 28 per cent according to the survey.

If the lockdown continues many people are at risk of losing their jobs. However, pertaining to the current circumstances, the government has eased the lockdown. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan claims that this has been done to support the daily wagers and the business community.

Unfortunately, the cases have risen two folds since the ease and has reached almost eighty thousand with death toll reaching almost two thousand. Besides this, the country is not only facing health care crisis but people have started to ignore all SOPs with many involved in promoting riots where doctors are being attacked and blamed for creating a propaganda.

Only yesterday, 3938 cases have been reported which shows a huge leap in numbers. High profile and veteran actors are contracting the virus including Rubina Ashraf and Sakina Samo. The world is in a state of chaos and trepidation. Not only in Pakistan, but many established companies are letting people go due to financial instability and future unpredictability.

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