Schools Cannot Expel Students Who Cannot Pay Fee: SHC

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has directed all the stakeholders to consult on the application for a 20% discount in school fees during the lockdown and adjourned the hearing till June 10. The court has further ordered not to expel children who do not pay fees.

According to details, the Sindh High Court (SHC) heard the petition seeking a 20 per cent reduction in school fees during the lockdown. During the hearing, the court remarked that the petitioners can pay 80 per cent fees. Upon which the lawyer of the parents stated that most of the parents could not pay the full fee due to lockdown.

He further said that the law of Sindh government has to be followed and the procedure of payment of fees should be worked out till the final decision on the application

While giving his remarks, the lawyer of the school owners stated that if the government wants to reduce the fees, it should give a subsidy of billions of rupees.

The court directed the parties to consult in formulating the procedure of discounted fees and adjourned the hearing till June 10. The court also maintained their order that barred schools from expelling children who did not pay their fees.

It is pertinent to mention that the Sindh government had made it mandatory for private schools to reduce their fees but the parents remained concerned that their children might be expelled from school if they failed to pay the dues.

The parents sought help from SHC upon which the court said that school management could not expel students who were unable to pay their dues to the lockdown.

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