Clinical Trial for Ibuprofen as Low Cost Treatment for COVID-19 is Underway

Clinical trial for Ibuprofen as low cost COVID-19 treatment has started in London. The painkiller and anti-inflammatory can help patients with breathing difficulties.

Besides this, ibuprofen has the potential to keep patients off ventilators as well. As of now, the plan for the trial ensues liberating a group of COVID-19 positive patients who will receive ibuprofen in addition to the usual treatment.

Furthermore, the patients will be given a special formulation of the medicine, not the usual tablet form that are readily available in pharmacies. Some information regarding Ibuprofen relieving respiratory distress syndrome has been tested in animals.

Pertaining to the current circumstances, the virus effects the upper respiratory tract that leads to respiratory distress or breathing issues in patients.

The trail is being carried out by Professor Mitul Mehta who claims that the testing phase has started and they are expecting to see results to confirm the medicine status in the treatment for COVID-19. Before this, the medicine was considered harmful for corona positive patients with mild symptoms.

This was further insinuated by Oliver Veran, France’s health minister who declared that ibuprofen could aggravate the condition and suggested patients be given paracetamol instead. However, the trail is still underway awaiting conclusive results.

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