Punjab Governor Organized a Meeting with Local TikTok Stars to Help Create Awareness Regarding COVID-19

Since the government’s decision to ease lockdown, the COVID-19 situation has become rather despondent in Pakistan. Initially, the government’s plan to ensue smart lockdown was to support daily wagers and the business community. But instead the situation has gotten out of control. Today marks the highest identified COVID-19 cases in Pakistan reaching almost five thousand. The healthcare system is overwhelmed and the influx of patients have increased and that too in such extraneous conditions and dwindling medical supplies.

In order to come up with a solution, Punjab governor organized a meeting with top Pakistani TikTok stars to help create awareness regarding the rampant virus. Among the ones invited were Kanwal Aftab, Zulqurnain Sikandar, Sehar hayyat, Warda Javaid, Daniya Sohail and Haider Ali. The governor ensued a serious discussion regarding the pandemic and how our local TikTok stars can play an important role in creating awareness amongst masses.

The hour of the need is to educate people how pertinent SOPs are. After the ease, people have been out and about their business paying zero heed to SOPs or precautionary measures as defined by the government and World Health Organization.

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