Samsung AR Glasses an Easier and Innovative Navigation Offers Users Directions Directly Through Glasses

A recent Samsung patent has revealed a new AR glasses technology. The South Korean tech giant has dabbled with AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies in the past and the new patent reveals an improved and easier navigation system.


According to the patent description, the new AR glasses will be capable of offering users step by step instructions when assisting during navigation. The innovative navigation system offers users directions directly through the glasses.

This system highly resembles a heads up display that is seen in fighter aircraft and recently in a few cars’ windshields as well. However, the AR glasses might offer a more immersive experience that might distract the user less while driving.

The Samsung AR glasses will be able to provide an overlay that offers navigational information in real time. This device could even provide information regarding different points of interest that a driver may notice while looking around, making it more versatile and informative at the same time. For example, information can be displayed for exit ramps, fuel stations, or even food joints if needed.

The AR glasses from Samsung would require a few additional systems to work, namely sync with a map application, GPS tracking, multiple cameras within the car, and sensors as well. At the moment, the company does offer various smart car related products that feature these components, but it seems like Samsung is taking it a step further and making it more interactive.

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