Sindh Government has Started Free Home Testing Service for Coronavirus

Sindh government has started a free home testing service for COVID-19. People can now get tested at their doorstep ensuing convenience.

If you feel any symptoms, for instance: high fever, dry cough, body ache, sore throat and difficulty in breathing immediately call 9123 from your landline or 021-111-119-123 from your cell phones and provide your respective home address. A testing team will arrive at your doorstep in twenty four hours. Along with this, the test results will be provided in 24 to 48 hours as well.

As of now, cases in Pakistan have reached 85264 with 32910 identified COVID-19 cases in Sindh and 31104 in Punjab. In the last twenty four hours a whopping 4688 cases have been identified making this the highest ever recorded in Pakistan. The current circumstances show a grim reality pertaining to the fact once the lockdown eased, cases have increased two folds.

Sindh government’s plan to ensue free home testing service is to facilitate people as well as lessen the burden on the health care system. As a matter of fact, doctors were totally against easing the lockdown.

People have been paying zero heed to SOPs and going about their business normally. In the last twenty four hours 82 deaths have occurred totaling the death toll to 1770. However, 30,128 cases have recovered as well.

The government has asked people to staunchly follow SOPs to keep not only themselves but other people safe as well. Hopefully, other provinces will follow suit and introduce home testing service to facilitate people and healthcare services.

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