NCOC Launches Pak Nigheban App to Curb COVID-19 in Country

National Command and Coordination Centre (NCOC) made effective use of technology as it has launched an app called Pak Nigheban and Resource Management System (RMS) for effective control and coordination to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Pak Nigheban app has connected 1,110 hospitals across the country. Moreover, emergency responders, healthcare workers and any citizen can be aware of the availability of ventilators and beds in the nearest hospital. The app can be downloaded from the app store and from dashboard.

Moreover, NCOC has also launched a Resource Management System (RMS) for effective resource allocation and utilization. 15,459 hospitals across the country have been connected through RMS system.

Through the RMS system, provinces can review the facilities available within hospitals in their respective areas. Inventory of hospitals can also be checked through RMS and wherever there is a shortage appropriate action can be taken.

It is pertinent to mention NCOC is already using artificial intelligence and other technologies for mapping, testing and tracking corona cases across the country.

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