A Guide to Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for COVID-19 Responders in Pakistan

The global pandemic has led to a chaotic situation in Pakistan. The government in hopes to support our daily wagers and the business community decided to ease the lockdown. However, this step was taken in hopes that people will observe SOPs strictly.

In a sad turn of events, nothing like this happened. Instead Pakistan now has more COVID-19 cases than Wuhan; where the virus originated from. Pertaining to the gloomy and despondency surrounding us, the whole situation has been taking a toll on our emotional and mental health. In order to support people, Dr Zafar Mirza shares an extensive guide for coronavirus responders reference material by IASC.

The guide extensively explains how pertinent psychosocial support is for mental health. Such skills are important as well as indispensable for COVID-19 response. The guide mentions people being stressed about the situation and their future thus, emotional wellbeing during challenging times can ensue a positive outlook. Responders can help make a huge difference by communicating and interacting.

If you feel stressed and demotivated here are some symptoms to look out for:

The comprehensive guide has everything stated in detail. They explain factors that are in your control and how you can manage them effectively. Also, if this isn’t enough the government also has a mental health helpline that you can contact if you feel overwhelmed.

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