Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Association Fears Shortage of Medicines

The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Association fears shortage of medicines. The association announced that there is a shortage of raw materials and if the situation remains, manufacturing will halt.

Also, if you are immunocompromised make sure you have your regular medicine in stock. As the PPMA states that the responsibility of the shortage of medicines in Pakistan cannot be handled at the manufacturers end. Previously, in January the ministry of National Health services had given a notice to reduce the prices of eighty nine medicines.

This was also ordered by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan. In addition to this, Dr Zafar Mirza, the special assistant to Prime Minister on health, advised that the prices should be reduced by 15 per cent on the mentioned eighty nine medicines. Mirza, further stated that there should be a reduction of prices on the life saving drugs as well.

However, if the situation does not resolve, the country might face a shortage of medicines further deteriorating the global health pandemic.

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