Oppo Could Soon Launch Smart TVs

Oppo is a well-known smartphone maker, at least here in Asia. The company has been lately expanding its business to Europe and even became one of the top 5 brands in the region in Q1 2020. Now, according to a recent post on Weibo, the company might soon venture into smart TVs as well.

In December of last year, at the Oppo Inno Day conference in China, the company revealed its new strategy of launching products across different portfolio. Some of these devices are already official and are available for purchase.

A day after the launch of Reno 4 series, Oppo shared a picture celebrating the first anniversary of 5G commercialization in China. This image includes all the achievements of Oppo in 5G technology.

The bottom part of the image is interesting since along with the already announced AIoT products, the company deliberately teases the arrival of its smart TVs. For those who are wondering when Oppo announced AR Glasses, you can check our coverage from late last year.

Talking about TVs, Oppo will be not the first smartphone manufacturer to sell them. Xiaomi has been doing it for years and even Oppo’s sister brands OnePlus and Realme have their own TV lineup.

In fact, just earlier today, OnePlus announced to launch a new affordable $200 smart TV in India. Since these brands share resources as well as manufacturing facilities, it will be easy for Oppo to develop smart TVs.

Having said that, we are not sure when Oppo will be launching its smart TVs. Even if it does, they will be perhaps limited to China and might make their way to India later.

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