Plan9’s Launchpad 15 is Looking for Entrepreneurs who can Tackle the Novel Problems of the Post COVID-19 World

Investing in technology is the only way forward and it is important that local governments put their support behind this idea. One of the projects that is supported by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) provides a huge platform for startups to identify and maximise tech-related opportunities in Pakistan.

Known as The Launchpad, it is Plan9’s flagship semi-annual and most anticipated event of the year. Launched in 2012, it has recruited more than 180 startups in 14 Cycles that are fostering the startup ecosystem. This startup culture has helped many budding entrepreneurs turn into successful businesses that are not only creating a name for themselves but are supporting others as well.

Plan9 provides selected startups the domain knowledge, training, financial support, mentorship and business planning to bring inclusive, for-profit businesses to life.

The Launchpad 15 is now open for another cycle of innovation, business competitiveness and economic performance. COVID-19 has affected every one of us in all aspects of our lives. There is no other choice but to adjust to the new normal. This cycle aims to bring an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to apply with their fresh and innovative ideas to launch products and services that can help adjust and add to our lives in the post corona world.

Starting a small business at this point can prove to be a huge opportunity given the direction that the economy around the globe is taking. Overall, the economy is going to take some time to recover and providing tech based solutions to our current problems and changed lifestyle is what people are willing to invest in at the moment.

Plan9’s Launchpad 15 encourages startups to focus on the challenges the country is facing during this global pandemic, and find innovative solutions for the new normal. The market dynamics, consumer needs, and general landscape has greatly changed and we need entrepreneurs who can tackle these novel problems and situations with their creative ideas and propositions.

The applications are now open till 15 June and registration details can be accessed on their website.

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